How to Invest in Index Funds

Mário Nzualo, Index Fund Investor
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Are your hard-earned savings stagnant in your bank account because of low interest rates? 

Investing can grow your savings. However, many people in Europe don't invest because it sounds complicated, time-consuming, and speculative. Worse, it is hard to learn to invest when the existing materials use words you don't understand or focus on people that live in the United States.

With How to Invest in Index Funds, you'll learn how to grow your savings using an approach trusted by millions of people: index fund investing. In January 2020, the total invested in index funds was worth over $10 trillion!

With this practical book written in plain language, in just a few hours, you'll learn:

  • Actionable steps on how anyone in Europe can start investing in index funds
  • How to choose an index fund or ETF for any investment strategy
  • How to make investment decisions with confidence
  • The attributes and behaviors you need to be a successful investor in the long run
  • And much more!

There are 3 Editions of the book available for sale: Basic Edition, Plus Edition, Complete Edition.

The Basic Edition includes:

- The 192-page long book (format: epub);

The Plus Edition includes:

- Everything the Basic Edition contains;

- Video and Slides: How to select ETFs in practice. 39 minutes of instruction;

- Video and Slides: Useful online tools for index fund investors. 1 hour and 1 minute of instruction;

The Complete Edition includes:

- Everything the Plus Edition contains;

- Video and Slides: Guide to brokers for index fund investors. 51 minutes of instruction

- Video and Slides: Guide to taxes for index fund investors. 1hour and 4 minutes of instruction.

- Guide to Taxes Kit (format: xls).

- Guide to Brokers Kit (format: xls).

Visit my website for more details of the Basic, Plus and Complete Editions of this book:

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How to Invest in Index Funds

42 ratings
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